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From Our Partners – 2016 Texas Grid Security Summit

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Texas State Senator Bob Hall cordially invites you to attend a summit on electric grid security. Hear from state and national experts as they address critical security concerns from high-impact threats that could cause a nationwide critical infrastructure collapse for a month or more. This summit will address the Texas electric grid’s vulnerability to electromagnetic pulse (EMP), geomagnetic solar storms, and cyber-attacks; discuss emergency preparedness and emerging protective technologies; and highlight state and federal legislative EMP protection and electric grid security efforts.

Leaders from industry, government, and academia are invited to submit a paper and/or presentation abstract on electric grid security for consideration in the 2016 Texas Grid Security Summit. Accepted papers will be included in our post-summit report. For those individuals interested, submission instructions have been provided below.

Click here to see a flyer with general information and paper/speaker submission instructions. Please note that the submission deadline is Tuesday, March 1.

This is a free event! However, due to capacity restrictions, we ask that you pre-register for the summit here.