George Mason Executive MBA Program

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Management Concentration

Meeting an urgent need to prepare leaders
to safeguard industries vital to U.S. national security

This innovative new EMBA track is not found at any other accredited university in the country. Offered by the George Mason University School of Business in partnership with Mason’s Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security, the curriculum answers an impassioned call to develop knowledgeable and visionary executives who can lead the effort to protect our vital resources.

Cooperation and communication are fundamental to effective national security; no single level or department of government has total jurisdiction over infrastructure protection and its complexities. The Critical Infrastructure Protection and Management track in the EMBA program will cultivate skills that emphasize business efficiency through interagency coordination.

The courses are oriented to strategy, policy and leadership for those who will lead critical infrastructure security efforts.

“Business leadership is vital to homeland and national security. Today, over 85 percent of critical infrastructure assets are in the private sector. The Executive MBA with concentration in Critical Infrastructure Protection and Management prepares students to be innovative and creative professionals empowered to secure vital infrastructure and enhance resilience.”

-Mark Troutman
Former Director, Center for Infrastructure Protection
and Homeland Security

Application Information
Applications are accepted throughout the year. Early application is advised because enrollment is limited and qualified applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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