In the News – This Week in Critical Infrastructure: Week of August 21, 2017

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This Week in Critical Infrastructure we bring you views and opinions on critical infrastructure investment and cybersecurity, as well as the latest news on infrastructure failures in Macau following Typhoon Hato, and the latest recommendations from the Department of Energy regarding grid resilience.

U.S. to Say Power Markets Must ‘Evolve’ to Value Coal, Nuclear

From Bloomberg, Tim Loh reports on a report released this week by the Department of Energy calling for more support to the coal and nuclear power sectors to bolster overall grid resilience. This marks a reversal of earlier policy and preliminary drafts of the report, and is being cheered by representatives of the coal industry who have been faced with increasing competition from natural gas and renewable energy in recent years.

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It’s Crucial to Upgrade America’s Water Infrastructure

In this blog post from Scientific American, Sean W. Fleming writes on the importance of investing in upgrades to America’s water infrastructure. Investment in infrastructure, he argues, must bolster the applied R&D necessary to develop new generations of water infrastructure.

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Behind Glitz of Casinos, Typhoon Exposes Macau’s Infrastructure Woes

Farah Master reports for Reuters on the infrastructure issues facing Macau in the wake of Typhoon Hato. Following years of neglect, sewage and power systems remained offline more than 48 hours after the storm had passed.

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Attacking Critical Infrastructure: The Evolution Of Kinetic Warfare

For Business Computing World, Eric O’Neill writes on the potential for a cyber attack on critical infrastructure that could precipitate a kinetic military response. Despite countless discussions among military and security experts on the topic, O’Neill argues that nations are unprepared for such an attack or the response it might generate.

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