In the News – This Week in Critical Infrastructure: Week of July 31, 2017

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This Week in Critical Infrastructure we bring three articles on cybersecurity, including a report on the financial sector and the latest cyber legislation to be introduced in the Senate.

Bank Cybersecurity May Need a New Mindset

Bryan Yurcan at American Banker reports on how the lack of standardized cybersecurity policies and practices at financial institutions can expose banks to greater vulnerability. A recent study by Cisco found that less than half of surveyed financial services organizations have a standard information security policy in place.

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Senate Panels Advance Bills to Improve Cybersecurity Skills

For Morning Consult, Edward Graham reports on two bills currently in the Senate that would provide new tools and incentives for improving cybersecurity training and education. These bills would create a requirement for Small Business Counselors from the Small Business Administration to receive cyber training and provide additional funding for National Science Foundation scholarships and programs at the elementary,
secondary, and associates degree levels.

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We’re Thinking about Cybersecurity All Wrong

From the MIT Technology Review, Mike Orcutt brings an interview with former Obama advisor Michael Daniel on how the U.S. needs to change its approach to cybersecurity in light of recent uses of cyber as a “tool of statecraft.”

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