In the News – This Week in Critical Infrastructure: Week of May 22, 2017

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This Week in Critical Infrastructure we bring you cyber news from around the world as well as the latest developments on U.S. government proposals to boost infrastructure investment.

Conclusions from Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Europe 2017

In this press release from May 21, organizers summarize the main takeaways from the CIPRE conference held in The Hague earlier this month. Themes that were emphasized throughout the conference included the importance of trust and collaboration, the importance of insider threats, and the need to understand the speed of change within cyber activity.

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Critical Infrastructure the Next Cyber Battleground

From Reinsurance News, Steve Evans covers Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky’s recent remarks in Sydney warning that as cyber threats increase, the threat to critical infrastructure in Australia will continue to grow. Kaspersky noted that legacy software architecture embedded in Australia’s critical infrastructure control systems could provide hackers with a direct way to cause system damage.

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People Can Be Strongest Link in Cyber Security, Says NCSC

Warwick Ashford at Computer Weekly discusses the role of people in information security, concluding that, rather than being critical of security employees who fail, companies should invest in a more sophisticated understanding of how humans can be a security asset.

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Gas Industry Says ‘Trust Us’ on Tracking Cyberthreats

From EnergyWire, a discussion of the natural gas industry’s resistance to a mandatory government metric for the relative cybersecurity of the nation’s gas pipeline system.

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Trump Advisers Call for Privatizing Some Public Assets to Build New Infrastructure

From the Washington Post, Michael Laris writes on upcoming draft plans from the Trump Administration that will call for privatization of certain public infrastructure assets as part of the larger proposed $1 trillion investment plan Trump has proposed. These assets would include such facilities as airports, bridges, highway rest stops, and other similar facilities.

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Senate Takes Lead on Trump’s Infrastructure Proposal

From The Hill, Melanie Zanona reports on developing efforts by GOP senators to craft infrastructure bills for discussion in the chamber as legislators continue to wait for more concrete details to come from the White House regarding legislative measures to support President Trump proposed $1 trillion infrastructure investment plans.

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Infrastructure Week: Should Cities Be at the Center of Infrastructure Discourse?

From GovTech’s FutureStructure, Ryan McCauley provides a report on views expressed at Infrastructure Week events in Washington, D.C., May 15-19. Local and state leaders at the events expressed support for investment proposals but showed concern regarding administration calls to do away with tax-exempt municipal bonds.

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