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From the Director – March/ April 2017: Upcoming Events and The CIP Report

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Dear CIP Report Readers,

Greetings from the Center for Infrastructure Protection at the Arlington Campus of George Mason University.  I wanted to take the opportunity to update you all on our plans for forthcoming issues, as we have changed our cycle to better report on recent events and focus on some important offerings coming later this year.

First, we were delighted with the attendance and the high level of discussion presented at the Homeland Defense and Security Education Summit, which CIP co-hosted with the Homeland Security Institute of the Naval Postgraduate School on March 23–24, 2017.  Through numerous panels, paper briefings and keynote addresses, our attendees presented on the latest trends and framed the requirements for Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection education over the coming decade.  Among these were presentations on the security and resilience of transportation infrastructure, which will be the subject of our next CIP Report.  In the coming weeks, we will be taking the opportunity to synthesize and publish a selection of articles from the superb presentations at HDSES.  As a preview, we encourage you to read this short selection from Denise Krepp on the implications of aging waterways for transportation infrastructure.

I also want to acquaint you with a feature we have added to our website titled “This Week in Critical Infrastructure.”  Each week our staff assembles a selection of articles and pieces of interest that have appeared in various media collected into a single digest we publish at the end of each week.  We feel this is a good way of keeping current with the pulse of discussion in the Critical Infrastructure space.  These digests can be found every Friday at the “In the News” section of our site or by following us on Twitter or Facebook.  Links to all of our publications are sent out via social media as soon as they are posted, so you can also receive immediate notifications about new CIP Report articles through those channels.

Next, the Center for Infrastructure Protection will be hosting 2017 Frontiers in Resilience Symposium, a research conference in partnership with Sandia National Labs on the Mason Arlington Campus on May 10 & 11.  Our objective is to gather thought leaders from government, academia, private industry, and the National Laboratories to focus on applied research solutions across science, policy, and economics that improve the resilience of critical infrastructure systems.  There is still time to register to attend, but I would urge you sign-up soon for this unique conference as room is limited.  More information, including a preliminary agenda and registration instructions, can be found here.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Creek Technologies, whose generous support made the superb HDSES conference and the upcoming issue of The CIP Report possible.  Their commitment to workforce development is critical to the generation of leaders who can face the complex problems we encounter in the Critical Infrastructure space.  We appreciate the partnership of Creek Technologies to make possible the free distribution to a community of over 5,000 subscribers.

Our reach grows each month because of your commitment to professional discourse and outreach to a community that far exceeds our base readership.  We invite you to support this effort by making a financial contribution to The CIP Report, either on a one-time or a recurring basis.  Your tax-deductible contribution will receive an acknowledgement in this publication that includes your company logo and link to your corporate website.  If you wish to support publication of The CIP Report, please contact me at  We look forward to sharing insights from our conferences in the weeks to come and wish you all the best in your continuing efforts!

Warm Regards,
Mark Troutman. PhD
Director, CIP/HS