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From Our Partners – Electromagnetic Pulse and Space Weather and the Strategic Threat to America’s Nuclear Power Stations

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A Report from the American Leadership & Policy Foundation

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By David J. Stuckenberg* and Hershel C. Campbell**


This research addresses a critical information gap by examining technical and security aspects of nuclear plant design, nuclear disasters, the regulatory climate, and how these factors could impact our national security in the wake on an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or space weather (Geo-magnetic Disturbance -GMD) event. While there are a number of conventional risks to nuclear power stations such as acts of nature, cyber-hacking, and terrorism; EMP and GMD is part of a unique risk set which has the capability of causing systematic wide-spread failures which can lead to simultaneous and catastrophic meltdowns at nuclear power stations and research reactors across the U.S.. To date little research has explored the impact of GMD on nuclear power from a technical and national security perspective; whereas the impact of EMP on nuclear power has not been comprehensively examined in public view for over 30 years.

About the Authors:

* David Stuckenberg is Chairman of the American Leadership & Policy Foundation and a USAF veteran pilot with experience in the intelligence and strategic arms control communities. He holds a B.S. in aviation technology from the University of Central Missouri and a Masters in political management from The George Washington University.

**Hershel Campbell is Ronald Reagan Research Fellow at the American Leadership & Policy Foundation and a USAF veteran where he served as an intelligence analyst.  He holds a B.S. in history education from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Associate Degree in intelligence studies and information technology from The Community College of the Air Force. Campbell is currently pursuing a Masters in emergency and disaster management.