Foundations Course Downloads

Thank you very much for your interest in our Higher Education Initiative course materials. You can download any of our Foundations Course materials or exercises by right-clicking the name of the file below and selecting “Save As” from the menu. Modules are available in PDF format and as a ZIP file containing editable Word and Power Point files. If you would like more information about the Initiative or any other CIP/HS Education programs, please contact Christie Jones at

Core Syllabus
Lesson 1 - Introduction to Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
Lesson 2 - Defining and Achieving Critical Infrastructure Resilience
Lesson 3 - Examining CISR in the Context of the 21st-Century Threat Environment
Lesson 4 - Examining CISR Authorities, Roles, and Responsibilities: Federal, SLTT, and the Private Sector
Lesson 5 - Organizing and Partnering to Share Information
Lesson 6 - Assessing Critical Infrastructure Risk in an Interdependent World
Lesson 7 - Enabling CISR, Managing Risk, and Measuring Performance: The Voluntary Approach
Lesson 8 - Enabling CISR, Managing Risk, and Measuring Performance: The Regulatory Approach
Lesson 9 - Insider Threats and Cybersecurity and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Vulnerabilities
Lesson 10 - CISR: The International Dimension
Lesson 11 - Managing Impacts to Critical Infrastructure in an All-Hazards Environment
Lesson 12 - CISR Incident Management Exercise (Student Activity)
Lesson 13 - Understanding, Planning, and Addressing Long-Term and Enduring Risks to Critical Infrastructure and Course Wrap-up