Master of Public Administration

The following courses comprise a full eight-course degree program for a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Critical Infrastructure. We anticipate that these concentration courses would be supplemented by existing policy and administration electives offered by the host institution.

The Public Policy Process and Critical Infrastructure/Domestic Security Policy
This course provides an assessment of how public programs are developed through the policy making process, recognizing that the critical parameters for managers are set by the Congress, the President, interest groups, media and political parties, it is essential for any public manager to understand these institutions in depth. Specific concentration will focus on the policy making process for critical infrastructure security and resilience issues.
Third Party Governance and Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
This course focuses on the emerging trends for Federal use of “third parties” to implement national goals and programs. The course will focus on how critical infrastructure security and resilience programs use grants, contracts, regulations, and other governance tools to engage state and local governments, the private sector and even nonprofit entities in carrying out major national programs to secure infrastructure.
Infrastructure Security and Emergency Response: Interagency Communication and Coordination
This course will focus on how coordination and collaboration can be achieved in settings where numerous agencies, levels of government and sectors of the economy are summoned to work together on public goals. The course will tap the rich literature of intergovernmental management and inter-organizational relations to discern best practices and lessons learned for managers who must work in networked environments.
Organization Theory and Behavior: Organizing for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
This course provides an analysis of how organizations are structured and managed to meet the expectations of various publics in the political and social environment. Models of organizational theory will be covered with the use of cases from critical infrastructure security and resilience areas.
Federal Budgeting and Critical Infrastructure
This course will analyze the Federal Budget process over time and what the future holds for Federal deficits, debt, and the allocation of resources across agencies and programs. It will also focus on how agencies and program officials formulate budget proposals and what fiscal and performance accountability requirements they face in implementing programs.
Program Management
This course will provide students with a detailed understanding of tools and techniques for managing the implementation of large projects. Such a course is particularly vital for many infrastructure programs involving large investments of public and private funds and long time frames for planning, design, construction and operations.
Emergency Planning and Response
This course focuses on how managers at Federal, State, and local levels, as well as private sector, develop plans and protocols for emergencies, whether they be natural disasters, terrorism or other forces.
Program Evaluation
This course provides students with skills necessary to evaluate public programs. Building on general knowledge of statistics, students will be challenged to apply criteria for effectiveness, efficiency and equity to critical infrastructure security and resilience programs.

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