In the News – This Week in Critical Infrastructure: Week of March 12, 2018

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This Week in Critical Infrastructure we bring the latest news on cyber threats to critical infrastructure from Russia, testimony from five cabinet secretaries this week on White House plans for infrastructure investment, legal guidance on water infrastructure financing and permitting, and a newly announced training program in Washington, DC, for city infrastructure personnel.

FBI and Homeland Security accuse Russia of cyberattacks on US infrastructure

The MIT Technology Review has posted information related to a new alert from the FBI and DHS regarding attempts by Russia to attack US infrastructure cyber assets over the past two years. This alert follows recent sanctions from the US Treasury against accused Russian hackers, including several who were indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller earlier this year.

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5 Cabinet Secretaries Push Trump Infrastructure Plan Before Congress

From NPR, Brian Naylor writes on the continued push from the Trump administration to enact an infrastructure investment plan that hopes to boost private spending on critical infrastructure projects across the nation. On Wednesday,
this effort included an appearance by cabinet secretaries from the Departments of Transportation, Energy, Commerce, Labor, and Agriculture before a Senate committee to discuss the White House proposals.

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Trump administration cites augmented reality, satellite broadband as ‘transformative’ infrastructure projects

From Michael Laris at The Washington Post, a report on technologies the White House wants to target for investment as “transformative” infrastructure projects. Based on testimony this week from Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross,
these projects include development of satellite broadband networks for rural communities and augmented reality technologies for transportation management systems.

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Infrastructure Series: Paying for and Permitting Water Infrastructure

In this fourth entry in law firm WilmerHale’s 10-in-10 Infrastructure Series, authors H. David Gold and Andrew L. Spielman discuss issues facing new investment in water infrastructure, with a focus on financing and permitting issues.

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Infrastructure skills training center opens in Washington, DC

For Construction Dive, Kim Slowey writes about a new training program announced by Washington,
DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser. The District of Columbia Infrastructure Academy (DCIA) is a partnership between the city, utility companies, unions, universities, and private companies that will train city workers for jobs in the infrastructure industry.

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