In the News – This Week in Critical Infrastructure: Week of February 5, 2018

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This Week in Critical Infrastructure we look at Nigerian efforts to prepare for urbanization in the flood-prone city of Ibadan, the latest infrastructure news from the U.S. federal government, and an assessment of the indictments laid by DoJ against members of a massive financial cybercrime network.

Creating a flood resilient city: Moving from disaster response to disaster resilience in Ibadan

This report from the World Bank discusses efforts in Nigeria’s second largest city, Ibadan, to prepare for anticipated rabid growth over the coming decade in light of persistent flood risks that are expected to increase as climate change leads to more severe and frequent extreme weather events.

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Senate budget deal includes $20 billion for infrastructure projects

From The Hill, a report on a bipartisan budget deal released Wednesday that included $20 billion for infrastructure investment. Now signed into law, this funding represents only small fraction of the investment that the White House has proposed as part of various infrastructure plans over the past year.

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Microsoft Vet to Lead DHS Cyber and Infrastructure Division

Joseph Marks from Nextgov reports that Christopher Krebs, Microsoft’s former cybersecurity policy chief, to lead the Department of Homeland Security National Protection and Programs Directorate. Krebs has served in the role on an interim basis since August, and has urged Congress to pass a bill to elevate and rename NPPD to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

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U.S. Arrests 13, Charges 36 in ‘Infraud’ Cybercrime Forum Bust

From Brian Kreb’s security blog Krebs on Security, a report on the recent Justice Department indictments against three dozen alleged members of a massive financial fraud and cybercrime network centered around the forum ‘Infraud.’

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