In the News – This Week in Critical Infrastructure: Week of March 27, 2017

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This Week in Critical Infrastructure we look at news surrounding Trump administration plans for investment in the nation’s infrastructure, the latest developments in the creation of a communications network for U.S. first responders, and the last reports of a bridge collapse near Atlanta, Georgia.

I-85 Collapses after Massive Fire

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ongoing coverage of the collapse of the I-85 bridge in Georgia following a massive fire. At this time, investigators are unable to examine the site, but we will continue to observe the situation and provide sources to new information as it becomes available.

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Years After 9/11 Chaos, U.S. to Build Wireless Network for Police, Firefighters [Subscription Required]

For The Wall Street Journal, Ryan Knutson, John D. McKinnon, and Drew Fitzgerald report on a new $6.5 billion effort by AT&T to create a nationwide broadband network for first responders. This federally funded effort rises from recommendations published in the 9/11 commission report well over a decade ago.

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Optimism Rising for Infrastructure Deal

Melanie Zanona of The Hill reports on indications from Congress that Republican leadership may be pushing infrastructure plans forward in the legislative calendar in the wake of last week’s failed push to replace parts of the Affordable Care Act.

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Private Investors Have Cash — and Strict Criteria — for US Infrastructure Projects

For CNBC, Kayla Tausche writes about moves being taken by private investors to prepare for the upcoming infrastructure plans that have been among the top talking points of the Trump administration through the first months of 2017. With details still lacking, the anticipated $1 trillion of infrastructure over the next ten years will include a heavy private investment component, presumably in the form of public-private partnerships.

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